Tri-County Tryout Dates Are Set

Tri-County Tryout Dates

Tryouts for 2020 will be held at the East Coast Varsity Dome located at 10 Poseidon Court in Woodside.  Players in the 11U and 13U will be assigned to either Group A or Group B at a later date.  There will be 2 skills sessions for everyone and then the AAA coach will have a game situation session for prospective AAA players and then the AA and A team (if applicable) will have a game situation for prospective AA and A players.  Depending on the number of players trying out there may be cuts after the second skills session has been completed.  Please note some of the game sessions are scheduled for outside so dates on those may change due to weather and field conditions.


–          11U Group (A) Sunday, March 29th 3-5; Sunday, April 12th 4-6

–          11U Group (B) Sunday, April 12th 2-4; Saturday April 18th 6-8

–          13U Group (A) Sunday April 5th 7-9; Sunday, April 12th 2-4

–          13U Group (B) Sunday April 12th 4-6; Sunday, April 19th 7-9

–          15U – Sunday, April 12th 6-8; Saturday, April 18th 8-10

–          18U – Sunday April 5th 8-10; Sunday, April 12th 8-10



–          11U AAA Session – Saturday, April 25 (Outdoors)

–          13U AAA Session, Saturday, April 25 (Outdoors)

–          15U AAA Session –  Sunday, April 19th 7-9 (2/3 dome)

–          18U Session – Sunday, April 19th 9-11 (2/3 dome)

–          11U AA/A Session – Saturday, May 2nd (Outdoors)

–          13U AA/A Session – Saturday, May 2nd (Outdoors)

–          15U AA/A Session – Saturday, May 2nd 6-9 (2-3 dome for 3 hours to work both teams out)