Reg Bone’s Winter Baseball Camp

Hi there, this is Reg Bone of Reg Bone’s Elite Winter Baseball Camp. Due to Covid-19 the School Board has elected to not let me or anyone else for that matter use the school gyms this year, so I have secured some time slots at The Warehouse (good news) starting on October 14, 2020 running to April 29, 2021.

Winter Baseball Camp Sessions

Ages 9-13 Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm and Saturday 4:30-6:30 pm

Ages 14-18 Thursday 8-10 pm and Saturday 6:30-8:30 pm

Now the bad news, because I must pay for additional cost of renting The Warehouse. The cost of the winter baseball camp is $650.00 per session (non-refundable with the COVID exception below). The fee can be paid in three payments. $250.00 registration fee due September 30, 2020, $200.00 by the 28th of November 2020, $200.00 to be payed on Jan.30, 2021. Registration will be at The Warehouse on Wed. 30 September 2020 6:30-8:30pm, Thursday October 01, 2020 6:30-8:30pm, and Saturday October 03, 2020 4:30-8:30pm. This Program will work on the sharpening the baseball skills of the athlete as well as developing new skills and sport specific skills such as pitching, fielding, and hitting. We will touch on the mental aspects of the game such as offensive hitting, base running, reading the play and defensive. We will cover the pitcher’s role in any play along with other defensive responsibilities providing the background needed to be part of a good defensive team. We will cover all these scenarios and demonstrate why they are important.

We will be using, the ARM CARE PROGRAM and CORE STRENGTH, developed by TOM HOUSE under the National Pitching Association. This program is about the proper care and training for athletes so that they can throw with proper mechanics, run the bases, play the field, and hit the ball by using the tools provided. This program will endeavor to teach athletes to take care of themselves mentally and physically in years to come. The program is designed to foster good mental and physical self maintenance in youth athletes.

Note: If any new COVID-19 legislation is introduced causing the cancellation of the program the percentage of the money for the canceled sessions will be reimbursed to participants.

Contact info:


Phone: 902-864-7224

Cell 902-223-4237